What makes CLEARFIL Universal Bond truly a “Universal” bonding agent?

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CLEARFIL Universal Bond is a single-component, light-cure bonding agent indicated for all direct and indirect restorations in combination with all etching techniques (total-etch; self-etch and selective-etch).

clearfil universal bond: Selective-Etch, Self-Etch and Total-Etch CLEARFIL Universal Bond can be used with all etching techniques (total-etch; self-etch and selective-etch), and for all direct/indirect procedures. Kuraray’s original MDP technology offers you a higher bond strength, when compared with other one-bottle bonding systems. CLEARFIL Universal Bond is also indicated for the surface treatment of zirconia and silica-based glass ceramics (ex. Lithium disilicate). With the addition of CLEARFIL DC Activator, CLEARFIL Universal Bond can be used with any self/dual-cured resin cement or core material.

With the shortest application times in both the self-etch and total-etch mode, CLEARFIL Universal Bond offers you the power of one-bottle bonding.

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