Kuraray America, Inc. released CLEARFIL SE Protect on January 1, 2010

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clearfil se protectCLEARFIL™ SE Protect, formally known as CLEARFIL™ SE Protect, is a self-etch bonding agent with both antibacterial cavity cleansing and fluoride releasing properties. CLEARFIL™ SE Protect eliminates the cost and extra step of applying a separate cavity cleanser to kill any bacteria that remain in cavities, especially "minimal intervention" cavities. Furthermore, it is biologically safe because the functional monomer, MDPB, will not leak after light curing.

CLEARFIL™ SE Protect retains the outstanding characteristics of CLEARFIL™ SE Bond: low post-op sensitivity, excellent bond strength for both enamel and dentin, application speed and ease of use. In fact, CLEARFIL™ SE Protect shows even higher long-term bonding durability than CLEARFIL™ SE Bond. 

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