2018 2nd Qtr USA Specials


A PDF of the USA Specials can be downloaded here.
PDF contains disclaimers and additional information. 

Important Disclaimer
Kuraray America, Inc. Dental Division may offer rebates on certain sales promotions.
REBATES ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO DOCTORS AND PRACTICES THAT PARTICIPATE IN FEDERAL HEALTH CARE PROGRAMS. Participation in this rebate program and redemption of a rebate check(s) is not permitted if you or your practice is enrolled in, or bills any Federal health care program (e.g., Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare or Children’s Health Insurance Program) in whole or in part, for any good, facility, service or item, including, but not limited to, any dental, oral surgery or pharmaceutical goods or services. By redeeming a rebate check (s), you represent and agree that to your knowledge, neither you, or your practice nor other providers in your practice nor any of your patients are enrolled in or reimbursed by a Federal health care program for goods or services provided by you or your practice.


2018 2nd Qtr Canadian Specials


A PDF of the CANADA (English and French)  Specials can be downloaded here.
PDF contains disclaimers and additional information.

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