Shopping Cart FAQ


  1. Is it necessary to create an account in order to purchase products?
    Yes. Kuraray only sells to licensed dental professionals. By creating an account, we are assured that our products are sold to the intended professional and not a consumer.

  2. Is it difficult to log in?
    No. Logging in is easy. Go to and look for the “Buy Now” button. Look for the sidebar and just follow the prompts.

  3. Can my order be changed after it is submitted?
    Only your authorized Kuraray distributor which you selected will be able to change your order. Changes made will be based on the distributor’s specific terms and conditions.

  4. Am I ordering from Kuraray or my preferred Dealer?
    Kuraray does not sell direct to dentists. When placing an order with us, we forward your order and details to your preferred dealer choice. We do not collect any payment information. Final pricing and total are subject to your preferred dealer at checkout.

  5. Will my order be shipped from Kuraray?
    No. Your order will be shipped from the authorized Kuraray dealer you selected.

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