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  • SURFACE COAT is a single-component, light-cure resin glaze material that provides a clear and smooth surface, consisting of a multi-functional acrylate monomer that provides excellent durability and may reduce or even eliminate the need for a manual polishing. SURFACE COAT has virtually no surface oxygen inhibition layer.

    • Colorless, transparent gloss that "feels good" to your patient
    • Glaze surface resists staining
    • High gloss that can protect the restoration surface
    • Excellent physical properties, especially surface hardness
    • Virtually no oxygen inhibition layer
    • Fast, simple application procedure
    • Almost no color change after polymerization

    SURFACE COAT can be used to glaze the following restorations and prosthetic appliances:

    • Direct and indirect composite resins
    • Glass ionomers and resin-modified glass ionomers
    • Acrylic provisionals for crowns and bridges
    • Acrylic appliances, such as orthodontic appliances and removable prosthetic appliances

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  • #263 KA

    • SURFACE COAT 5ml

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